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  • 1:33:18 Popular home


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  • 04:09 Popular The Power of Powder

    The Power of Powder

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    Join a group of amateur shredders as they descend down the snowy slopes in Washington State during the 2012-2013 winter season! Filming/Editing by: Randy Schmidt Subscribe for more fun GoPro edits! Shot 100% on the GoPro HERO3 Black Edition http://gopro.c

  • 05:48 Popular Arctic Ocean peregrination (time lapse)

    Arctic Ocean peregrination (time lapse)

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    Rolling on a top of a globe))) Murmansk - Barents Sea - White Sea - Pechora Sea -The Kara Strait - Kara Sea - Yenisei Gulf - Yenisei River - Dudinka Port. All timelapses were photographed at temperatures from -30C to -50C, you can notice "boiling" water w

  • 04:31 Popular Storms, Ice, Wind, and Sunsets

    Storms, Ice, Wind, and Sunsets

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    Arkansas scenes shot over various seasons.

  • 05:13 Popular Sea of Love

    Sea of Love

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    Canon 60D Canon 17-55 2.8 Azov sea 2013 filmed by Bogdan Tsendrovski

  • 02:31 Popular Fall Colors - 2013

    Fall Colors - 2013

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    Produced by Victor Beltran Filmed in my Iphone and edited in Final Cut X.

  • 01:25 Popular Grand Canyon Timelapse

    Grand Canyon Timelapse

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    On November 29, 2013, Grand Canyon experienced a rare temperature inversion, where cool air rising from the bottom of the canyon meets warm air from above, creating a layer of fog in the canyon. This happens about once or twice a year, but this particular

  • 01:58 Popular Mount Lofty to McLaren Vale, South Australia

    Mount Lofty to McLaren Vale, South Australia

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    Taken the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera out for a whirls now. I've found that it's pretty versatile but takes some getting use to, even with the Cinema Camera as my working base for Cinema capture. Now that I've found the ins and outs, "Learnt the Ropes

  • 02:21 Popular Salmon Swim Alaska

    Salmon Swim Alaska

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    music by

  • 03:46 Popular Lucas Thanos ~ Distant Panorama

    Lucas Thanos ~ Distant Panorama

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    music by Lucas Thanos, from the album 'Metalipsis', 1997 photos from internet of various photographers (Lucas Thanos on FaceBook)

  • 04:26 Popular Mountains of Valais

    Mountains of Valais

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    Through fog, rain, snow and even wind gusts of up to 120 km/h I am happy to have completed this project. Mountain of Valais is by far my most time consuming venture, which at points pushed me to my utter most limits. With 40kg of kit on my back it was not

  • 03:30 Popular .THE END

    .THE END

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    This is the final segment in a short series of clips put together to showcase some footage found on an old hard drive earlier this year. I've been filming Shippies for about 6-7 years now and these are some of my favourite clips. Ryan Hipwood, Marti Parad