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  • 03:30 Popular .THE END

    .THE END

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    This is the final segment in a short series of clips put together to showcase some footage found on an old hard drive earlier this year. I've been filming Shippies for about 6-7 years now and these are some of my favourite clips. Ryan Hipwood, Marti Parad

  • 04:53 Popular A Day in Engadin valley (Switzerland Alps)  (5DIII RAW)

    A Day in Engadin valley (Switzerland Alps) (5DIII RAW)

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    A day in the Upper Engadin valley (CH), with my 5DIII.... The Engadin boasts lovely landscapes with darkblue mountain lakes and a continental mountain climate that make it a hikers paradise. Canon 5DIII, lens 17-40L, 70-200 L II Magic Lantern RAW

  • 02:23 Popular A Walk in the Park

    A Walk in the Park

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    Saturday was a beautiful cloudy and foggy day in New York City, so I went for a walk in Riverside Park and created this film for the Vimeo Weekend Challenge, "20 Steps." The challenge was to start at a place of one's choosing, record a video clip, then wa

  • 02:20 Popular Aerial Mountain Anthony Teror

    Aerial Mountain Anthony Teror

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    Aerial Mountain Pilote : Anthony Teror Dji Phantom & GoPro 3 Black Edition Website : Follow :

  • 04:01 Popular Aerial Sud - Anthony Teror

    Aerial Sud - Anthony Teror

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    Aerial Sud Pilote : Anthony Teror Dji Phantom & GoPro 3 Black Edition Website : Follow :

  • 35:12 Popular Aftur á Íslandi

    Aftur á Íslandi

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    Back to Iceland! Having succumbed to the majestic charm of this island, we went back in 2012. After a short stay in the south, we crossed the uninhabited center to reach the north, and ended up in the western fjords where we stayed for a week. That region

  • 02:53 Popular ALASKA


    by Admin Added 534 Views / 0 Likes

    Alaska is filled with epic landscapes made all the more beautiful in the quiet frozen solitude of winter. This is a compilation of some of the footage we captured on a recent trip to Alaska. Locations in Alaska included Colony Glacier, Girdwood, Portage,

  • 05:48 Popular Arctic Ocean peregrination (time lapse)

    Arctic Ocean peregrination (time lapse)

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    Rolling on a top of a globe))) Murmansk - Barents Sea - White Sea - Pechora Sea -The Kara Strait - Kara Sea - Yenisei Gulf - Yenisei River - Dudinka Port. All timelapses were photographed at temperatures from -30C to -50C, you can notice "boiling" water w

  • 02:37 Popular Autumne sky

    Autumne sky

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    Music: Ashot Danielyan - Leaffall Time

  • 04:06 Popular AZORES - São Miguel

    AZORES - São Miguel

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    Filmed by Rui Martins in São Miguel´s Island - Azores between August 25th and September the 2nd 2013. Video and Music by Rui Martins. Song: Nature´s Embrace. Shot with Panasonic GH2, Olympus 9-18mm lens.

  • 03:13 Popular Brighton Beach, Adelaide

    Brighton Beach, Adelaide

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    My alternate name for this video was "I should've cleaned my lens filter". Beside the obvious lack of working HDR the video did turn out okay. I'm not sure how I feel about the softness, having used naught but cinema cameras for 6 months, coming back to t

  • 08:07 Popular Caribbean {New Years 2014}

    Caribbean {New Years 2014}

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    Refined Piloting for Compelling Sequences Specializing in solo helicopter and camera operation, iFLYsolo provides world class aerial cinematography while markedly simplifying many of the costs and logistics associated with a multi person crew. As a solo o