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  • 07:52 Popular Mont Blanc & patroux- Dancer of the third kind

    Mont Blanc & patroux- Dancer of the third kind

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    Ice cream Mont Blanc Walk on glacier through seracs and cracks of the Mont Blanc music of Patroux - Dancer of the third kind Escapade glacière à travers les seracs et crevasses du Mont blanc mu

  • 01:03 Popular The unknown Island

    The unknown Island

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    Ok, some people will already know this little paradise. It is located somewhere in the South of Thailand and it is really almost untouched by tourists - only a few are there. It´s like beeing on Phuket or Phi Phi Islands 40 years ago. You can find a

  • 03:51 Popular GoPro effect -Water Petanque & Patroux - vintage mood

    GoPro effect -Water Petanque & Patroux - vintage mood

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    Chaque été de nouvelles activités ludiques ou sportives apparaissent, pour occuper les vacanciers. En voici une pour les curieux ou, pour en voir les effets!... Musique de Patroux - Vintage mood

  • 05:15 Popular Lucas Thanos ~ The Fire and the Rose

    Lucas Thanos ~ The Fire and the Rose

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    music by Lucas Thanos photographs by various artists, location: Greece (Lucas Thanos on FaceBook) (Lucas Than

  • 02:20 Popular Aerial Mountain Anthony Teror

    Aerial Mountain Anthony Teror

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    Aerial Mountain Pilote : Anthony Teror Dji Phantom & GoPro 3 Black Edition Website : Follow :

  • 00:32 Popular Happy New Year 2014

    Happy New Year 2014

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  • 02:37 Popular Autumne sky

    Autumne sky

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    Music: Ashot Danielyan - Leaffall Time

  • 02:13 Popular The Rocky Mountains

    The Rocky Mountains

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    The Rocky Mountains are a breathtaking sight, whether it's your first time visiting them, or your 100th time seeing them. Not only do they tower high into the sky, but they also measure almost 5000km in length from the northernmost point in Canada to the

  • 03:25 Popular Magnetic Island, QLD, Australia

    Magnetic Island, QLD, Australia

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    A series of simple clips taken during a quick visit to Magnetic Island off the coast of Townsville in tropical North Queensland, Australia. We took these shots in a quick rush around the island and didn't quite have the time to visit all of the best locat

  • 03:53 Popular Prospective    |    2013

    Prospective | 2013

    by Admin Added 521 Views / 0 Likes Music: Rope Swing by Adam Butler

  • 05:03 Popular Lucas Thanos ~ In Those Days (version I)

    Lucas Thanos ~ In Those Days (version I)

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    music by Lucas Thanos, from the album 'Metalipsis', 1997 photos from internet of various photographers The Metéora (Greek: Μετέωρα, lit. "middle of the sky", "suspended in the air" or "in the heavens above" — et

  • 02:24 Popular The land of the midnight sun - timelapse.

    The land of the midnight sun - timelapse.

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    This is my first time-lapse - a part of my "Four seasons project". I had some issues with sensor dust during the summer of 2013, you can see it on occations in some clips, and I still haven't found a reasonable way to remove it in time-lapse footage. I re