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HD Nature Group

  • 00:25 Popular January 2014 Lake

    January 2014 Lake

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    January 2014 Lake. Some late shots at the lake Østensjøvannet nature reserve when light conditions ended low. During a short walk to the lakes opposite side for a closer look at two mute swans, light gradually entered low light conditions wi

  • 02:08 Popular Granada Timelapse Sony A7r

    Granada Timelapse Sony A7r

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    Video-timelapse, realizado en la ciudad de Granada. con la nueva Sony A7r , el 10-18mm OSS de Sony. y el soporte de Gimbal AixoCam, incluidos algún hyperlapse. Musica: Enrique Morente

  • 07:24 Popular Fight for Survival. Stock footage show reel.

    Fight for Survival. Stock footage show reel.

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    A collection of shorts by underwater cameraman Richard Brooks, using footage mainly shot during the year 2012. Shot list 0.11- 0.18- 3 Divers Descend from boat, back-lit by sun 0.18- 0.25– Tracking shot of fan, fish and diver 0.26- 0.33 – Big

  • 01:14 Popular Sea Lions vs Puffer Fish

    Sea Lions vs Puffer Fish

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    A group of Galápagos Sea Lions gang up on a Puffer Fish among the Galápagos Islands. Filmed with GoPro Hero 1 while snorkelling in 2013. More nature videos & photos at: © 2014 Richard S

  • 02:23 Popular A Walk in the Park

    A Walk in the Park

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    Saturday was a beautiful cloudy and foggy day in New York City, so I went for a walk in Riverside Park and created this film for the Vimeo Weekend Challenge, "20 Steps." The challenge was to start at a place of one's choosing, record a video clip, then wa

  • 02:49 Popular Jellyfish Lake, Palau

    Jellyfish Lake, Palau

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    Swim among thousands of jellyfish in Jellyfish Lake (Ongeim'l Tketau), Palau.

  • 04:21 Popular Lucas Thanos ~ Onira

    Lucas Thanos ~ Onira

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    music by Lucas Thanos footage by various artists (stосk fооtаgе and tv-ads) (Lucas Thanos on FaceBook) (Lucas

  • 04:10 Popular Underwater Filmmaker by Matthew J Clark for Puget Sound Starts Here

    Underwater Filmmaker by Matthew J Clark for Puget Sound Starts Here

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    To learn more about Puget Sound, and Puget Sound Starts here check out to learn more about producer/film-maker Matthew J. Clark ------------------------ If the Ocean is a reflection of us, as humani

  • 02:37 Popular PSA: What does it take to restore and protect the Chesapeake Bay? (Web Version)

    PSA: What does it take to restore and protect the Chesapeake Bay? (Web Version)

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    What does it take to restore and protect the Chesapeake Bay? Credits (in order of appearance): Nick DiPasquale, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Kristen Heyer, Maryland Department of Natural Resources Jerry Frank, University of Maryland Center for Env

  • 35:12 Popular Aftur á Íslandi

    Aftur á Íslandi

    by Admin Added 480 Views / 0 Likes

    Back to Iceland! Having succumbed to the majestic charm of this island, we went back in 2012. After a short stay in the south, we crossed the uninhabited center to reach the north, and ended up in the western fjords where we stayed for a week. That region

  • 06:04 Popular That Is tanbul

    That Is tanbul

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    To run away from the New Year's Eve traditions in Germany a couple of friends and I went to Istanbul over the holidays. The year could not have started much better. A short version without our German nonsense commentatory but with a lot of impression of t

  • 04:53 Popular A Day in Engadin valley (Switzerland Alps)  (5DIII RAW)

    A Day in Engadin valley (Switzerland Alps) (5DIII RAW)

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    A day in the Upper Engadin valley (CH), with my 5DIII.... The Engadin boasts lovely landscapes with darkblue mountain lakes and a continental mountain climate that make it a hikers paradise. Canon 5DIII, lens 17-40L, 70-200 L II Magic Lantern RAW